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Catching a nice Blue on a RS-946 just off Block Island.   This group was thrilled with the size of this 33" Monster!

RS-946 2.0.png
RS-946 1.0.png

The RS-946 RELIABLE SPOON 10" SILVER SCALE REFLECTION BUNKER SPOON LURE!   The bunker spoon you have been waiting for.  Your tackle box needs one!

This fish was caught on a 10" Reliable Spoon off NJ.  I have been using your spoons for quite some time.  I have also attached a 2nd picture showing how I "doll" up the spoons.  I have tried other spoons but I don't get nearly the same results.  This design and the action of these lures gives more hook-ups.  Period.  No marketing hype.

Christopher D.  NJ.

Christopher G from NJ son with Stripper.
Christopher G from NJ dolls up spoons_ed

Al C. caught a nice 46" striper fishing on the Miss Jaxx off Asbury Park NJ.  The fish was caught in October during the fall run using a 10" White Reliable Spoon.  Al has been using them for years and it is his go-to trolling lure.

Al C with 46 in Striper off Asbury Park
Jim E. Brick NJ Striper with Yellow 10.j

Jim E. of Brick NJ has been fishing Reliable Spoon for years  He adds his own details to the paint job and has had a lot of success with Reliable over the years, the largest striper (so far) being a 52-1/2 monster!

Jim E. Brick NJ Striper with Green
Jim E Brick NJ spoons custom painted.jpe
Reliable Spoon Product Line Black Stone
Reliable Spoon Retail Packaging 1.jpg
Reliable Spoon Retail Packaging 2.jpg
Proudly made in USA.jpg
RS-908 Green 8 in Reliable Bunker Spoon.
RS-902 White 8 in Reliable Bunker Spoon.
RS-900 White 10 in Reliable Bunker Spoon
RS-927 Green 10 in Reliable Bunker Spoon
RS-903 Chrome 8 in Reliable Bunker Spoon
RS-901 Chrome 10 in Reliable Bunker Spoo
RS-906 Yellow 8 in Reliable Bunker Spoon
RS-925 Yellow 10 in Reliable Bunker Spoo
Chris D NJ Huge bass in November.JPG

Wow!  What a monster!   Caught trolling off NJ in the fall of 2019 on our 10"  Reliable Bunker Spoon #RS-900.  Use them because they work.

Huge Cow Bass on White 10 in Reliable Sp
Trophy 48# bass on reliable spoon.jpeg

The Reliable Bunker Spoon landed this bass.  Caught on our Chrome finished lure.  Our model #RS-901.

reliable spoon striper in net on boat wi
Captian Gary of Sunrise Fishing Charters

Captain Gary of Sunrise Fishing Charters in Kings Park (LI) NY caught this 58.5 pound monster on a Reliable Spoon.  Green model 927!   We are not saying that everyone who fishes with our spoons will catch a 50 pounder sure can't hurt!   Contact Captain Gary to book a trip 631-786-7745. Click on the link below to go directly to his site!



Cap Gary.webp

Anthony C (the 11 year old!) caught this beautiful Striped Bass on the ManiAx out of Point Pleasant NJ.    The fish is 52 pounds and 50" long. They released the bass right after this photo was taken. Way to go crew!   Reliable Spoon sent them a free RS-900 Reliable Bunker Spoon of their choice for sharing this photo.

Anthony C 50 lb Bass Point Pleasent Mani
Ralph's Tackle Blue Fin Tuna 125-150 Pou
Ralph's Tackle Blue Fin 2 Champs.JPG

Reliable Bunker Spoon = Blue Fin Tuna! Who would have thought? These two landed this on a Reliable Spoon RS-901 while trolling for bass off the south shore of Long Island after picking up the gear from Ralph's Tackle in Island Park NY. This was caught in October 2020.  The spoon took a beating but landed the beauty!

Ralph's Tackle Blue  Fin Reliable Spoon
Jay and Kids with Tuna caught on Reliabl

Jay from Mass caught this Tuna while trolling a squid bar.   This is about 2010!  This is the 2nd great photo we have of a Reliable Spoon catching Tuna.   Share your story and your picture and get a free Reliable Spoon like Jay did.   This fish took about 3 hours to land and you can see Jay's son (in Blue Vest) is pumped up!

Jay from Mass shared his Fathers Day 2021 with Reliable Spoon.  This 40 inch + was caught off P-Town.   He also caught and released 5 more just like it.  Reliable Spoons catch fish.  Some people call them old school....we call them successful.    Run with a lure that has almost 50 years of with Reliable Bunker Spoons.  

Jay with 40 In Stiper off P-Town and Rel
Greg with Huge Bass Caught with RS-901 in the LI Sound Spring Run.jpg

Greg caught this beauty in the Long Island Sound in the Spring run.  He has tried all the different bunker spoons.....but he always comes back to the best....Reliable Spoon!

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