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About Reliable Spoon Bunker Lures

Salt Water Fisherman Going after Big Striped Bass!

Reliable Manufacturing started making Reliable Spoons in 1974 on Long Island NY.  Our founders were passionate fisherman who worked in a machine shop.  They felt that by using their skills in metal crafting they could build a lure that was better than anything available.    They applied good old fashioned American ingenuity to their quest and through trial and error, over the course of several fishing seasons, Reliable Spoon lures were created!  Our name has become synonymous with quality and reliability.  Why?  Our Lures catch fish and  we craft our lures from the finest materials available so that they last for years in harsh ocean environments.  Our lures are so special that over the years fisherman gave them a nick-name, "The Equilizer", because they work!  After more than 45 years every one of our bunker spoons are still made on Long Island just a few miles from the garage where it all started.

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How to fish a Reliable Spoon Bunker Lure

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Free Reliable Spoon Bunker Lure!

Send us a photo of a you and a striped bass you caught with a Reliable Spoon and we will send you a free Reliable Spoon lure of your choice!  By sending us the photo you are granting us permission to use the picture on our website, Facebook page, and any other marketing material.  Let us know where and when you caught the fish.

Captian Gary of Sunrise Fishing Charters
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